New words – 27 June 2011

gameful adjective having the creativity and collaborative spirit of a gamer

The network has about 1,100 game developers looking at questions like: How could you make education, museums, hospitals, airports or even caregiving more gameful?
[Smithsonian (US science and society magazine) February 2011]

lounge fitness noun exercise taken in front of a screen in the home, especially with the use of the Wii

The Wii games console, launched in 2006, has pumped up the sector known as lounge fitness.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 8 January 2011]

speed board noun a type of skateboard designed to go very fast

What do you guys recommend for wheels on a speed board?
[ (forum post) 13 January 2011]

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  1. muhammad

    Hello all.
    So much elated to join you. It is really useful. I’d like to ask about the meaning of the word”glocalization” and how to explain it to my students. I already know that it describes something or may be someone which/who is used/ known/ sold locally and all over the world. I’m looking for your reply. Thanks

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