New words – 16 May 2011

casual game noun a very simple, non-specialist video game that can be played by anyone

Welcome! We review, discuss and recommend only the best Flash and Casual games available on the Web.
[ 27 Dec 2010]

polydrug use noun the use of more than one recreational drug to achieve a particular effect

Many of these drivers are involved in polydrug use. [BBC Radio 5 Live phone-in 18 Dec 2010]

staff up phrasal verb to increase the number of staff in a company, usually temporarily

They staff up before Christmas. [BBC Radio 5 Live phone-in 20 Dec 2010]

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10 thoughts on “New words – 16 May 2011

  1. JO

    It’s nice to learn new words, especially in this generation they are using this words more often.

    by Jo Helmy, July 18,2011

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