New words – 9 May 2011

cost-per-action adjective refers to a pricing policy for online services whereby an advertiser pays for agreed actions such as a purchase

Kullar says Likeourselves is backed by the potential for cost-per-action advertising, but also says businesses will pay for a custom service with enhanced features. [ 18 Oct 2010]

pre-salt adjective refers to oil reserves found under a thick layer of salt deep under the earth’s surface

A series of huge recent ‘pre-salt’ finds off the coast of Brazil have transformed the fortunes of the company and catapulted Brazil into one of the world’s leading energy and economic powerhouses. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 16 Nov 2010]

silver swaddler noun an aluminium foil bag used for keeping people warm in extreme weather conditions

The most fashionable item this winter is the silver swaddler. [BBC Radio 4; The Today Programme 18 Dec 2010]

The ‘silver swaddlers’, as they are often referred to, are usually seen at the finish line of sporting events but are proliferating at Heathrow and Eurostar terminals. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 21 Dec 2010]

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  1. Harry

    After 20 years in advertising, I recognize “cost-per-action” is the internet version of “cost per enquiry” in print and broadcast media. Instead of paying a fixed rate for an advertisement, the advertiser agrees to pay a certain amount for each coupon returned from a newspaper or magazine ad, or phone call in response to a TV or radio ad. Since the advertiser does not need to make a large advance investment and the medium shares the business risk, this model has largely been used for marginal merchandise, like kitchen gadgets and self-help programs, advertised in otherwise undesirable places, like late night television or the back pages of comic books. If an ad is successful, the medium may choose to run it over and over again, as any viewer of late-night TV — or visitor to many web sites — can attest!

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