New words – 18 April 2011

card-embedded adjective describes a mobile phone which incorporates a credit or debit card in the phone itself

He says users of a card-embedded phone would be able to cancel their phone and cards at the same time. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 02 Oct 2010]

face-palm verb to push someone in the face with the palm of your hand

Emma Watson, Megan Fox, Kelly Brook – three lusted-after ladies, but in the last year, all face-palmed out of the way (metaphorically speaking) by 23-year-old Devon-born Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely. [GQ (UK men’s magazine) Nov 2010]

hairspiration noun informal the inspiration behind a new haircut

OF COURSE! Emma Watson’s Hairspiration Was MIA FARROW!
[ 18 Nov 2010]

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6 thoughts on “New words – 18 April 2011

  1. Harry

    “card-embedded” has already been overtaken by technology. The ability of “smart phones” to both read and reproduce bar codes has already led to “readable” ads and virtual theatre tickets. Just show your i-Phone (or whatever) at the door and get in immediately; private business charges are coming soon.

    As for “face-palm,” it seems to be related to the derogatory expression “Talk to the hand,” used by someone who does not want to engage in conversation with you, presumably because you know embarrassing facts about him or her. They hold their hand in your face, to reflect their refusal to speak.

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