New words – 28 March 2011

modder noun someone who modifies software, often illegally

This game was all set to offer you the chance to ‘be’ the Taliban. This isn’t going to happen now (although you can be sure a modder somewhere is working on it), so we can judge it purely on its merits as a game. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 21 Oct 2010]

social graph noun a record of a person’s online contacts

In that way, the leaching of Facebook IDs, and of people’s ‘social graphs’ – who they are linked to – will be of great concern to Facebook, which derives its value from being able to act as the go-between for highly targeted advertising served to its users.
[ 18 Oct 2010]

vaguebooking noun the practice of leaving deliberately vague or ambiguous posts on Facebook

Yes, I’m guilty of vaguebooking, as it’s called. [Radio 5Live 09 Nov 2010]

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