New words – 7th March 2011

sofalise verb to stay in and communicate with family and friends via electronic devices

Why socialise when you can just stay home and ‘sofalise’? [The Daily Mail (UK tabloid) 08 Nov 2010]

LLD abbreviation little lace dress

It’s that time of year where women up and down the country are bemoaning the fact that they have ‘nothing to wear’ to all those Christmas parties. Ladies, don’t stress, we have the answer – the LLD. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 13 Dec 2010]

me-tailing noun online retail in which the accent is on bespoke goods

This is the ‘me-tailing’ phenomenon. [BBC Radio 4 06 Nov 2010]

nail tat noun a temporary tattoo applied to the nails

‘Nail tats’ are tres chic and much more haute couture than nail art. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 18 Oct 2010]

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