New words – 14 February 2011

cool-over noun informal a makeover that makes something or someone more stylish and fashionable
Rachel Evans, 22, gives corduroy a cool-over with geek-chic extras. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine)] 15 Nov 2010

eye-gazing party noun a dating trend based on the practice of speed-dating in which participants do not speak to each other but instead, gaze at each other for a set amount of time before moving on
Eye-gazing parties aren’t the only new dating trend out there. [Marie-Claire (UK women’s magazine)] Dec 2010

favourite verb to mark a web page as a favourite on your browser
A lot of people said they’d favourited it. [BBC Radio 4] 05 Nov 2010

tweetheart noun a friend or lover that you communicate with via Twitter
Gathering of Tweethearts at Chili’s [ (headline)] 07 Oct 2010

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  1. Kev

    It is quite amusing to see that “peng” is about to be added to the English dictionary! My favourite is “sofalise”, haha love it!

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