Phishing for botherders: keeping up with modern crime

Image courtesy of Andrej Troha

by Liz Walter

Edward Gibbon described history as ‘little more than the register of crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind’.  If this is true, it is perhaps not surprising to note a clear link between changes in a society – its inventions, habits, culture and technology – and changes in the nature of crimes committed within it.

In recent years it has been technology above all that has provided huge opportunities for a range of new crimes.  Phishing  (the practice of masquerading as a reputable organisation, especially via email, in order to trick people out of personal data such as bank account details) has been so widely publicized that only the most naïve would now fall for it.  However, there are still many other internet crimes of varying degrees of sophistication. Continue reading “Phishing for botherders: keeping up with modern crime”