Colin McIntosh

Colin McIntosh is the chief editor of the new edition of the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and a writer on language and languages. He has taught English in France, Italy, Brazil, and the UK. A former editor with both Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, he has also published books for learners of English and Italian. Colin divides his time between Cambridge, Spain, and Brazil, and is currently working on a series of grammar and vocabulary books for English and other languages.

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  2. Dear Colin,
    I would like to submit a new word to the Cambridge dictionary.
    Street god – (noun)
    – a drug boss; the ultimate leader of a major illegal pharmaceuticals operation who had reached drug kingpin status; the head of a thriving drug hustling enterprise.
    Usage – That dude Daylight used to be a street god – all the drugs used and sold in an entire territory led back to him.

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