Expand your vocabulary with the Cambridge Dictionary +Plus app!

Our new vocabulary practice app is hereWe’re delighted to announce that the Cambridge Dictionary +Plus mobile app is now available to download for free from Apple and Google Play stores. This means that you can now learn English vocabulary anytime and anywhere you have an online connection, whether you’re sitting on a train, waiting for a bus or filling the minutes in a café before a friend turns up. What’s more, you can learn in a very personalized way, creating vocabulary lists that are right for you, matching both your level of English and your personal interests.

If you already have an account with Cambridge Dictionary, you will be able to log in and access all your word lists. If you’re new to us, you can sign up for Cambridge Dictionary +Plus for free.

Once you’ve signed up or logged in, you can start the exciting process of expanding your vocabulary by creating your own word lists.

Creating a word list

There are two ways to make a word list. Tap CREATE in the blue bar at the bottom, give your word list a name and search the Cambridge Dictionary to add words to it, or if you have already started searching the dictionary and have found the meaning you want to add, tap Add to word list to add that meaning to a word list.

The word lists can continually be added to so they are a great way of regularly noting down difficult vocabulary that you encounter every day. You can create multiple word lists so you can use them to group vocabulary into different topics that interest you, or to create a list of words you need to revise for an exam. You can then use the word list quizzes to help you learn the words in your word list.

How about making a word list of vocabulary from a news article you’ve read or something that you’ve watched recently?

How to make the most of quizzes

Once you’ve created your word list, you can challenge yourself with the quizzes! There are three quiz types: word memory quiz (type the word that matches the definition), flash cards (read the definition and try to remember the word) and audio quizzes (type in the word that you hear). The audio quizzes are a great way of improving your listening skills. The flash cards and word memory quizzes will help you learn the meanings and spellings of the words.

Repetition is key to remembering new words, so keep quizzing yourself on your word list, using all three types! If you make time to study your word list a little bit every day, you will quickly notice an improvement. Don’t forget to return to your old word lists occasionally to refresh your memory of vocabulary you learned in the past!

Cambridge word lists for your level

If you need inspiration for your own word lists, you might start with the word lists already created for you by our experts at Cambridge. Tap on EXPLORE and you’ll find graded lists covering useful language areas, such as Words for personality (e.g. observant, blunt, narrow-minded) and Words about politics (e.g. referendum, diplomacy, constitution). Of course, you can quiz yourself on these words too.

Use the search and filters to find the word lists and quizzes that match your interests and level.

If you feel like a different challenge, you can test yourself using over 300 fun image quizzes. They cover a range of core topics, such as animals, food & drink, nature & weather and sports. The quizzes are graded from ‘easy’ (e.g. elephant, cake, mountain, basketball) to ‘very difficult’ (e.g. coati, chutney, furrow, pommel horse) so there’s something for everyone.

We hope this post has inspired you to download the Cambridge Dictionary +Plus app so that you can boost your vocabulary in a way that is engaging and fun.

If you want to let us know what you think of the app, please tell us here.

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    is there a separate link ? I really love using Cambridge but I can’t visit Google Play in China so I need some help . So can anyone help me here. Thx in advance. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your message. Can you please let us know in more detail what the issue is and whether you are an Apple or Android user? We will then raise it with the technical team. Many thanks.

  3. Pedro Rivera

    Muchas gracias por el diccionario, es muy útil para las personas que están estudiando; hace algún tiempo compre un diccionario en la play store, y solo ahora solo funciona con iphone. Tan buen diccionario y no lo podemos comprar los usuarios de android

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