The holiday of a lifetime? New words for new types of travel.

by Liz Walter

Brits call them holidays, Americans call them vacations, and nowadays, if you can afford it, you can have almost any kind you want. The singer Sarah Brightman has just announced that she is to become Britain’s first space tourist when she travels on a Russian rocket to the International Space Station some time next year. She won’t be able simply to turn up with her suitcase though – first she has to undergo several months of preparation at the cosmonaut‘s training centre, including time in a centrifuge to learn how to stay conscious when subjected to the immense G forces she will encounter.

For less intrepid souls (or those of us who can’t spare the undisclosed though presumably massive ticket price for such an adventure) there are still plenty of other options. These range from mancations geared towards male-only groups, greycations which cater for three or more generations of one family holidaying together, to so-called halal holidays which may include facilities such as alcohol-free dining areas, single sex spas, and guidance in the hotel room on the direction of  Mecca. Continue reading “The holiday of a lifetime? New words for new types of travel.”