New words – 28 February 2022

a mask-wearing woman shopping for large quantities of food and other goods
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FORO noun [U]
UK /ˈfəʊrəʊ/ US /ˈfoʊroʊ/
abbreviation for “fear of running out”: a worried feeling that you may run out of a product or a supply of something

While consumers have been picking up extra tins of tuna and packs of rice, this behaviour repeated on toilet paper is very noticeable as there are just not as many units for sale on the shelf as the products themselves are so much larger. The larger product size and fewer units kept combined with FORO has caused the out of stocks. These out of stocks have fuelled FORO even more creating a vicious cycle of demand.
[, 23 April 2020]

FONO noun [U]
UK /ˈfəʊnəʊ/ US /ˈfoʊnoʊ/
abbreviation for “fear of normal”: a worried feeling about going back to your normal life and activities after the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic

A recent Washington Post article talked about a new phenomenon some are starting to experience, as the end of COVID flashes on our collective horizon. It’s like FOMO (“fear of missing out”), for the post-pandemic world: FONO. FONO refers to the “fear of normal,” an unexpected reaction that many of us face, as lockdown and social distancing measures loosen and wind down.
[, 30 March 2021]

HOGO noun [U]
UK /ˈhəʊgəʊ/ US /ˈhoʊgoʊ/
abbreviation for “hassle of going out”: a feeling that leaving the house in order to socialise is too difficult or not worth the trouble

After months at a time spent indoors in comfortable clothes tucking into takeaways during various lockdowns, a phenomenon dubbed “HOGO” (the hassle of going out) appears to be taking hold. Pent up desire to get out and about when Covid-19 safety restrictions were finally lifted across the UK seems to have dissipated for many households. Now, instead of enjoying a meal out, a concert or sporting fixture many people have grown weary of socialising outside of their homes.
[, 21 November 2021]

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