New words – 18 October 2021

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aerohaptics noun [plural or U]
UK /ˌeə.rəʊ.ˈhæp.tɪks/ US /ˌer.oʊ.ˈhæp.tɪks/
feelings of physical touch produced by using puffs of air

My colleagues and I … have now developed a system of holograms of people using “aerohaptics”, creating feelings of touch with jets of air. Those jets of air deliver a sensation of touch on people’s fingers, hands and wrists. In time, this could be developed to allow you to meet a virtual avatar of a colleague on the other side of the world and really feel their handshake.
[, 17 September 2021]

Hycean adjective
A Hycean planet has hydrogen in its atmosphere and water on its surface, meaning that it could potentially support a form of life that is found on Earth.

The search for life outside our Solar System could be accelerated following the discovery of a new class of habitable exoplanet by University of Cambridge researchers. Dubbed “Hycean planets”, these ocean-covered worlds have hydrogen-rich atmospheres and it is believed they could support microbial life similar to that found in some of Earth’s most extreme aquatic environments … Bizarrely, such planets also include tidally-locked “dark” Hycean worlds that may have habitable conditions only on their permanent night sides.
[, 2 September 2021]

Dragon man noun [U]
a nickname given to an early species of human which some scientists now think may be the most closely related species to modern humans

Dragon man’s well-preserved skull is the largest Homo skull on record. An analysis of the cranium revealed that Dragon man might be the closest-known related species to Homo sapiens, even closer than Neanderthals, who were long thought to be our closest relation, the study found.
[, 25 June 2021]

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8 thoughts on “New words – 18 October 2021

  1. Deni

    Thank you for new words in my vocabulary. Presumably, I could able to use something of these, but so far it’s going to come into my passive vocabulary.

  2. Can we suggest words for your new words team’s consideration? If so I would like to suggest compersion, a word used to describe the joy in witnessing the joy of someone we love in finding love with another. It’s featured as the main topic of study in at least one published PhD thesis and whilst it doesn’t have any direct synonyms in English that I am aware of although it is a form of joy; its antonym is arguably jealousy and I think it’s good to have an antonym for that. Plus it does have parallel meanings in some other languages for example it’s close to the word Muditā (Pāli and Sanskrit: मुदिता) meaning joy; especially sympathetic or vicarious joy, or the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being. It’s of direct significance to the polyamorous but I think is of much wider value too. I think it’s the sort of feeling that would do us all the power of good to acknowledge as wholesome and healthy for a sense of unity in these times so populated by division and anxiety. We need that to curb our unnecessary efforts that all the while rob the other species we share this beautiful world with. There’s great compersion on offer when we do. No compulsion though; just compassion.

    1. Dear Genki,
      Thank you for your message. We are adding new words to the online Cambridge Dictionary all the time. We use a number of criteria for deciding which words to include, the most important of which involve relevance to our users. The best way for us to know that a word is missing is if you enter it in our search field and do not get a result, as we monitor searches all the time. Unfortunately, we cannot accept suggestions for new words via this blog.

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