New words – 26 February 2018

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wild cycling noun [U]
/ˈwaɪld ˈsaɪ.klɪŋ/
the activity of exploring the countryside by bicycle, using only small paths and lanes

Wild cycling is a release: it’s getting back to nature, and even more to our collective childhoods. That’s when most of us first got bikes. Remember how it felt? The freedom, the means to roam and discover places, and the visceral rush of bombing through the woods and bouncing over the bumps. It’s escaping traffic, living in the moment – but above all wild cycling is childlike fun.
[The Telegraph, 3 September 2017]

slow adventure noun [U, sometimes C]
UK /sləʊ ədˈven.tʃəʳ/ US /sloʊ ədˈven.tʃɚ/
a type of holiday involving outdoor activities that allow you to appreciate the natural environment and are not physically demanding

A new adventure concept called ‘slow adventure’ has just been revealed in Northern Ireland … Slow adventure focuses on slow, immersive experiences that engage with nature and provide an opportunity to learn about the local environment, food and wildlife whilst also taking part in an activity … Those who book onto an experience could get to enjoy walking through the Sperrin Mountains foraging for food along the way, bake their own bread the traditional way in a farmhouse kitchen, see how artisan cheese is produced or have a go at traditional fishing and cook their catch on a wild camp fire.
[Outdoor Enthusiast, 11 September 2017]

river bugging noun [U]
UK /ˈrɪv.ə bʌg.ɪŋ/ US /ˈrɪv.ɚ bʌg.ɪŋ/
a type of outdoor activity involving sitting in a very small inflatable boat shaped like an armchair (called a river bug) and being carried along a river where the current is very strong

River bugging is the latest thing to hit the UK shores from New Zealand … After receiving expert instruction from our experienced river bug guides, we’ll get you out on the white water course. You will be complete with your webbed gloves and full wet suit gear, ready to hit the course.
[, 28 March 2017]

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