New words – 22 January 2018

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flightseeing noun [U]
the activity of seeing interesting places from an aircraft

Forget sightseeing. Who wants tedious queues to tick off must-see sights when you can rise above it all and go flightseeing instead? Yep, flightseeing – essentially sightseeing by air – which makes it infinitely more appealing, particularly in Vancouver, a city made to be seen from above.
[The Times, 19 August 2017]

megamoon noun [C]
a honeymoon on which the married couple’s friends are also invited

When they sent the invite through it was pretty bananas. It said how much it would cost, where it would be and that they’d love us to come on their honeymoon with them. I didn’t have a megamoon, but now I’m thinking, why not? I loved bringing groups together before the big day, so I wish I’d extended that to afterwards.
[Grazia, 22 August 2017]

biometric border noun [C]
UK /ˌbaɪ.əʊˈmet.rɪk ˈbɔː.dəʳ/ US /ˌbaɪ.oʊˈmet.rɪk ˈbɔːr.dɚ/
the place in an airport where someone’s identity is checked using image recognition technology

It is a tedious indignity of modern air travel but the bleary-eyed wait at passport control could soon become a thing of the past. A British company has been commissioned by one of the world’s busiest airports to develop a “biometric border” that recognises faces automatically in anticipation of a future without queues. Passengers at Dubai airport would have their faces scanned using lasers as they walked through a tunnel. Those recognised and approved for entry could collect their baggage without the need to wait at passport control.
[The Times, 14 June 2017]

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