New words – 13 November 2017

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macroscope noun [C]
UK /ˈmæk.rə.skəʊp/ US /ˈmæk.rə.skoʊp/
a system of computer programs and mathematical instructions that will enable very large amounts of data about the world to be analysed and understood

In five years, we will use machine-learning algorithms and software to help us organize the information about the physical world to help bring the vast and complex data gathered by billions of devices within the range of our vision and understanding. We call this a “macroscope” – but unlike the microscope to see the very small, or the telescope that can see far away, it is a system of software and algorithms to bring all of Earth’s complex data together to analyze it by space and time for meaning.
[, January 2017]

maximalist adjective
belonging or relating to a style in art and design that uses a wide range of materials and colours, and complex shapes and forms

Maximalist style may be overwhelming to some — especially minimalists and others who hate clutter — but it does have its benefits. Decorating without paying heed to the restrictions of minimalism makes it easier for residents to express their eclectic styles and experiences.
[The Observer, 11 June 2017]

micromastery noun [U, C]
UK /ˈmaɪ.krəʊ.mɑː.stᵊrɪ/ US /ˈmaɪ.krəʊ.mæs.tərɪ/
the activity of learning how to do one or more small things very well

A micromastery is a self-contained unit of doing, complete in itself, but connected to a greater field. You can perfect that single thing or move on to bigger things – or you can do both. A micromastery is repeatable and has a successful payoff. It is pleasing in and of itself. It’s the way we learn as kids. You never absorb all the fundamentals straight away – you learn one cool thing, then another.
[The Observer, 11 June 2017]

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