New words – 22 February 2016

veganveganise verb to adapt a dish that contains animal-derived components so that it is vegan

So stock up on some easy-to-veganise extras in tow, bring enough for everyone to sample, and you’ll hopefully wake up on Boxing Day pleasantly surprised.

[ 19 December 2015]

food swamp noun an area with an abundance of fast food retailers but a dearth of healthy, fresh food sellers

‘The food swamp or the lack of access to healthy food is a much bigger problem than the food desert,’ she said.

[ 10 November 2015]

kukicha (tea) noun a Japanese tea made from stems and twigs of tea plants

Ever feel nauseated if you drink too much green tea?
Kukicha tea is a Japanese green tea made from the roasted twigs, stalks and stems of the green tea plant (unlike Chinese varieties made from the leaves) and has no such effect.

[ 02 November 2015]

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