New words – 28 December 2015

digital amnesia

digital amnesia noun the inability to remember basic things, such as telephone numbers, dates, etc. as a result of over-reliance on mobile phones, the Internet etc for storing information

The problem, dubbed ‘digital amnesia’ is a result of our brains adapting to an age where our phone, and the internet, is always available, scientists say.

[ 01 July 2015]

pocket dial verb informal to call someone by accident with a phone that is in your pocket

How many times have you answered your phone only to find out that someone has ‘pocket dialed’ you by accident.

[ 28 July 2015]

ride-hailing service noun an on-demand car service for which people use a smartphone app to arrange a ride

Uber, the ride-hailing service, lost a round in its fight for legality in Brazil.

[ 20 September 2015]

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  2. Frankly, it is only journalists who use the term “ride-hailing services.” Everyone else names the service — Uber, Lyft, et al. And these are only digital “hails.” In my corner of New York City it is still possible to hail a taxi by waving your hand at the corner.

    That said, “ride-hailing services” is a useful term in discussing ways a city can regulate public transportation.

  3. I would say in the UK ‘cab-hailing service’ is more common, but as someone pointed out earlier, it still sounds quite journalist-y. I think in real life, people would just call them “taxi apps”, and that includes when talking about the business or service, as opposed to just the program itself (i.e. Uber is a taxi app that allows you to order taxis on the go; The taxi app Uber has recorded a fall in profits.. etc).

    Another popular term is ‘ridesharing service’, relating more directly to the business model.

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