New words – 5 October 2015

face training

face training noun a system of facial exercises designed to tone the facial muscles and improve the skin

[…] everyone from Drew Barrymore to Jennifer Lopez has apparently embraced the anti-ageing technique of ‘face training’.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 15 June 2015]



functional training noun a fitness method that involves movements that would be used in everyday activities, such as lifting, chopping or climbing

But from a fitness perspective, functional training is actually pretty great.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 25 April 2015]

fitspo noun informal short for ‘fitspiration’; the inspiration to get fit and strong (and to look fit and strong, especially in selfies posted online)

Fed on a diet of health blogs and images labelled as ‘fitspo’, we risk confusing what is healthy with what attracts the most clicks.

[ 20 April 2015]

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  2. You no doubt have heard that the honorific title Mx was recently (May 2015) added to the Oxford Dictionary online version. Since 2002 (thirteen years ago) I’ve been consistently using Mx or Mix for myself. On October 7, 2015 I made a blog post all about it at and a YouTube video “New Mx title now in OED” at Methinks there are some BIG and obvious mistakes in the OED’s definition.

    I wonder if you agree? Perhaps you will add Mx and Mix to your Cambridge Dictionary? Feel free to post a comment with a link. Perhaps a reciprocal link?


    –Mix Margaret D. Jones
    +61 414374701
    Perth, Western Australia

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