New words – 17 August 2015


Spinglish noun the euphemistic language used in creating ‘spin’

Until you’ve mastered Spinglish, politicians and corporations […] will continue putting things over on you.

[WNYC: Brian Lehrer Show 15 June 2015]



shy Tory noun a person who secretly voted Conservative in the 2015 UK elections, especially one who claimed to the pollsters to be voting a different way

How ‘shy Tories’ confounded the polls and gave David Cameron victory

[ 08 May 2015]

Milifan noun during the UK general election, a (young) fan of UK Labour leader, Ed Milliband

Hooray for the Milifans. They can change the world for the better

[www.theguardian 22 April 2015]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 17 August 2015

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  2. Kunnathan

    Please don’t belittle English by unnecessarily tying it with some British politicians who are known to only Brits. Pls realise that this language is a global language.

  3. oscar torres

    These two new words reveals a fascinating way people are undertaking politics around the globe. A shy tory and a milifan are two old figures in latinoamerica but to see them in UK is somehow surprising !! Wellcome to that world!!

  4. James Garnett

    I did not see it as belittling, but a word play using a pun, fan, plus a person’s name, which, as Oscar T. notes, both of these are familiar to him from Spanish as word games. So to give an example of the word play in English is just saying, here it is, and how many more examples, in how many languages can we make.

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