New words – 29 June 2015


burger noun a menu on a computer screen comprising three short parallel horizontal lines which the user clicks to see options

Definitely use a burger. You could put the settings in the burger menu too. Fix the settings to the bottom of the burger menu and use a vertically scrolling contact list that scrolls behind the settings button.

[ 14 November 2014]

flash sale noun an e-commerce business model in which a product is offered at a substantial discount for a very limited period. Potential takers register as members of the website and receive online offers.

Flash sale companies are growing fast. Evan Davis and guests discuss how this new retail sector is changing the way we shop.

[ 23 October 2014]

GAFA abbreviation the companies Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, seen as one entity

But the spread of the term ‘GAFA’ may be as much to do with cultural resentment as taxes. ‘I think it’s more about distribution of power in the online world than tax avoidance,’ Liam Boogar, founder of the French start-up site, Rude Baguette, tells Quartz. France, after all, is a country with a long history of resisting US cultural hegemony.

[ 01 December 2014]

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  1. Macca

    Uni-vers-ity = one verse city, ROME!

    ALL birth certificate “Legal names” (are copyright material), owned by the VATICAN! (FACT)

    This is why all roads lead to Rome!

    Because we are, “OWNED CHATTEL.”

    lose the name dot com

    Have a nice day! 😇

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  3. Macca


    Where is one able to discuss the Vatican “legal name” (slavery), through fraud & deception?

    OR the 1302 Papal Bull, unanounced, “illegitimate” deceleration of “Unam Sanctam.” the first express trust in HIS-STORY, claiming ownership of everyone and everything in the world, including our souls?

    One is also wishing to discuss; “Personage”, “fraudulent joinder,” and the ALL TOO important, (Blacks Law) “false Personation.”

    The documentary,
    “Ring of power” by Grace Powers, is worth a look in. . .

    OR “your strawman dot com”

    😉 NAMASTE.

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