New words – 5 March 2012

adoption party noun a social event at which prospective adoptive parents meet children who need adopting

‘Adoption parties’ went out of favour in the UK in the 1980s. Critics said they were ‘cattle markets’ for kids, and new family-finding
methods were tried.
[ 01.10.11]

gastrosexual noun a man who enjoys cooking, especially as a form of seduction

Enter: The gastrosexual male. He’s the guy who has taken up cooking to impress his woman. He uses his culinary prowess as
bait, as he does with his personality, looks or social status.
[ 08.10.11]

minimoon noun a short honeymoon

We actually stayed here last year when we got engaged and it was only suiting for us to celebrate our minimoon at the Beach
Club given the amazing time we had last year!
[ 07.11.11]

sugar daddy party noun a party where women are introduced to rich men who want a companion

At first you could only find them on dating websites, now there are big budget sugar daddy parties. [ 25.10.11]

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7 thoughts on “New words – 5 March 2012

  1. cristina

    hi, I´m Peruvian, an English student and I have some doubts about these words, I mean, if I looked for in a Cambridge dictionary, would I find them?? because some of them sounds odd, crazy and funny that it makes me a little bit strange to use them in a conversation or writing. Anyway, thanks a lot for your attention. Best regards, Cris

  2. Deirdre

    I must say – that I try out these new words in conversations to see how they actually work. And i really enjoy using them, X D in Ireland

  3. Hari India

    Guys, using such words regularly add some flavour to our conversational style n we get some fun n attention. Try them out n get the essence of them

  4. janan

    i like them. But surely we can come up with a more attractive word than gastrosexual. Gastrosexual does not sound attractive nor appealing

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