New words – 23 January 2012

brand bully noun a child who bullies another child because they do not have a particular brand of clothing/mobile, etc.

‘Brand bullies’ are damaging family life.
[ 14 Sept 2011]

brand bullying noun bullying between children where the focus is the lack of a desirable brand of clothing/mobile, etc.

Fears about ‘brand bullying’ are much stronger in the UK. Parents seemed to feel much more helpless, said Dr Nairn.
[ 14 Sept 2011]

buggy rage noun aggression directed towards people who are pushing buggies

A disabled bus passenger was knocked unconscious to the floor in a ‘baby buggy rage’ attack because she wouldn’t move her three year-old daughter’s pushchair, a court heard.
[ 31 Aug 2011]

fat talk noun negative, self-deprecating chat about body shape between women

This type of commentary has been termed ‘Fat Talk,’ and there is a wealth of research on it.
[ 02 Sept 2011]

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3 thoughts on “New words – 23 January 2012

  1. Harry

    It’s worth noting that these terms come from different social classes. “Brand bullying” is found largely among working-class youths who lack easy access to premium merchandise. In the US, teen-agers have been attacked or even killed for their premium-brand shoes or clothing.

    “Buggy rage” (or “Stroller rage” in the US) occurs at the other extreme of the socio-economic spectrum. There has been a baby boom among the more affluent classes, clogging streets and shops with buggies/strollers and stirring antagonism among the childless. One New York bookstore was threatened with a boycott when it asked parents to leave buggies/strollers in a designated area by the door, to free shopping aisles for other customers.

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