New words – 20 June 2011

femiman adjective refers to a man with very feminine looks

But it may come as a surprise to the audience that the French designer’s new muse – a male model – also featured in his menswear show a week earlier. Serbian-born Andrej Pejic is part of the new wave of ‘femiman’ models.
[ 28 January 2011]

granny-chic adjective denotes a fashion style which consists of old-fashioned items worn in a stylish way

Granny-chic knitwear plus skinny pants equals a great new silhouette.
[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 7 February 2011]

jorts plural noun shorts made of denim

And you don’t normally see a guy who likes jorts actually be a great basketball player.
[NPR: All Things Considered (US National news and information radio program) 28 March 2011]

super noun a style of trousers with extra-wide legs

Our favourite high-street versions are River Island’s denim supers – they’re so nonchalantly cool.
[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 17 March 2011]

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