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New words – 6 April 2015

April 6, 2015


nanorobotics noun the use of extremely tiny components (measuring a nanometer or less) to make robots

Nano-robotics is gaining importance in the field of industrial robotics. It is gaining momentum in health care and other niche markets.

[ 03 July 2014]


glass cockpit noun a part of a vehicle filled with computer screens from which the vehicle is controlled automatically, partially or entirely by computer

We have estimates of a glass cockpit in our cars being fairly soon.

[WNYC: Lenard Lopate Show (culture and society, interviews) 30 September 2014]

We already have a sort of glass cockpit, at least in some higher-end vehicles that have adaptive cruise control.

[WNYC: Lenard Lopate Show (culture and society, interviews) 30 September 2014]

screen scraper noun a piece of software that extracts character-based information from other applications and presents it in a more user-friendly format

I was just wondering if I could use some of that data and lacking an API I wrote a little screen scraper that collects name, date and GPS coordinates.

[ 07 July 2014]

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New words – 30 March 2015

March 30, 2015


stackin’ p idiom slang earning a lot of money

‘That’s a very generous present.”Yeah, well, she’s stackin’ p, innit?’

[Heard in (teenage) conversation 01 July 2014]




Endies plural noun acronym: Employed with No Disposable Income or Savings

‘The Endies live quiet, modest lives largely hidden from view,’ the report says, making one wonder if EM Forster is truly dead or just enjoying a new life as a copywriter.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 20 September 2014]

poor door noun an alternative ‘poor’ entrance to a block of apartments for the people living in the affordable, low-rent part of the building

Multimillion pound housing developments are using ‘poor doors’, separate entrances to segregate the low-income tenants from wealthy home buyers, it has emerged.

[ 26 July 2014]

vishingnounvoice phishing; the practice of dishonestly obtaining details of bank accounts, etc. with the intention of stealing from them

The financial services’ anti-fraud body said cold calling scams typically involve fraudsters deceiving victims into believing they are speaking to a police officer, a member of bank staff, or a representative of another trusted organisation, such as a computer company. This type of scam is also known as vishing.

[ 02 December 2014]

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New words – 23 March 2015

March 23, 2015


crossfit noun high-intensity strength training

Two women in strappy dresses discussed how much weight they could snatch […] with two men who, like everyone else at the evening’s event, do crossfit.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 10 August 2014]



face ironing noun informal a cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing wrinkles

The Thermage treatment is also commonly known as the ‘face-ironing treatment.’ Yikes. Sound painful enough for you? But there’s a reason why stars like Gwyneth keep coming back for more. The treatment boosts collagen levels in the skin’s lower layers, creating a tightening effect to the top layer.

[ 04 August 2014]

no-poo noun the practice of washing the hair without using shampoo

The ‘no-poo’ method, which involves using natural substitutes or just water in place of shampoo and conditioner, has credibility within several circles.

[ 12 August 2014]

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New words – 16 March 2015

March 16, 2015


workie noun informal someone doing unpaid work experience

The Indy website is largely run by young journalists on short contracts, or even none at all, as an email sent out last year looking for an unpaid ‘workie’ to moderate the website showed.

[Private Eye (UK satirical magazine) 08 August 2014]


precrastinate verb to do a task well in advance of a deadline simply in order to cross an item off a to-do list. The task may well be a displacement activity for another more urgent and more onerous task.

To procrastinate or to precrastinate? Let’s put off the decision!

[ 23 July 2014]

the substitution myth noun the belief that replacing part of a job a person does with a computer or machine will not change how people do their work

What we have found through research is that the substitution myth is in fact a myth, that when you hand over some aspect of work to a computer you change the fundamental nature of the work.

[WNYC: Leonard Lopate Show (culture and society interviews) 30 September 2014]

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New words – 9 March 2015

March 9, 2015


stack sandal noun a type of sandal with high heels and a platform under the toes

70’s stack sandals: Kate Moss is a mega fan.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 25 August 2014]



pyjamming noun informal wearing pyjamas in a public place and posting photos on social media, usually as a charity stunt

The River Cam could be better known for punting or playing host to the Bumps – but now it is also the first site for people to go “pyjamming”. Business leaders from around the city have taken on the challenge to snap themselves on the river wearing just their pyjamas, joining the fight against youth homelessness.

[ 28 July 2014]

Action for Children is calling on Bristol residents to join the fight against youth homelessness by ‘pyjamming’ too – posing in their pyjamas and sharing photos online.

[ 28.07.14]

skirtini noun an all-in-one swimming costume with integral skirt

Dreading the big reveal on the beach? So was CHARLOTTE KEMP, until she discovered this summer’s answer to wobbly thighs, stretch marks and bulging love handles: the skirtini. The length of the skirt and the cut of the top has to be just perfect to flatter – but get it right and a well-chosen skirtini will totally transform how you look – and feel – on the beach this summer

[ 17 July 2014]

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New words – 2 March 2015

March 2, 2015


snapchat verb to send someone a message using the photomessaging application Snapchat

We used to have a thing until he got a girlfriend. now [sic] that he’s back home in England, he snapchatted me and he said ‘are you ever coming to England?’

11 July 2014]


But if its true that I am friendzoning myself do I just ignore her and stop texting and snapchatting her altogether?

[ 17 July 2014]

backie noun informal a selfie that someone takes of their back

The backie. It’s the new selfie; Col. views it as marginally less narcissistic, and therefore an improvement on the orig.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 04 August 2014]

vining noun the practice of posting video loops on the short-form video sharing service Vine

Anyway, they’re trying to crack down on Vining.

[Heard in conversation (man, mid-forties) 02 July 2014]

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New words – 23 February 2015

February 23, 2015


showrooming noun the activity of examining a product in a physical store and then making the purchase with an online retailer

Amazon’s new smartphone is specifically designed to make showrooming fast and easy.

[Salon (online general interest news and information) 27 September 2014]

jerktech adjective describes controversial apps that allow people to sell things that do not belong to them, for example parking spots and restaurant reservations

BBCtrending: Should #jerktech apps exist?

[ 15 July 2014]

Tesco tax noun a tax on large supermarkets

Some 19 other local authorities back a so-called ‘Tesco tax’ on big retailers, which could raise up to £400m a year.

[ 26 July 2014]

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