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New words – 8 June 2015

June 8, 2015


athwear noun clothing designed for sport and exercise

Going down: referring to your ‘gym gear’ It’s ‘athwear’ now, and old T-shirts are most definitely not OK.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 29 November 2014]

Shifts in lifestyle are also as important as catwalk trends, and the rise in status of workout clothing is reflected both in a new range of high-tech sports bras, and in “athwear” detailing in fashion ranges: a silky vest has mesh segments and white piping, while silky tracksuit bottoms are styled with high heels.

[ 19 November 2014]

lumbersexual noun a man who affects a hearty, outdoorsy style of dress

Boys, chuck out the moisturiser! It’s out with the ‘metrosexual’ and in with our latest crush the ‘lumbersexual’ (wood chopping skills not essential).

[ 14 November 2014]

waist training noun the deliberate narrowing of one’s waist, achieved by wearing a tight corset

Last week, Kim Kardashian Instagrammed yet another picture of herself in a corset with the caption: ‘Really obsessed with weight training.’

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 24.11.14]

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New words – 1 June 2015

June 1, 2015


ebolaphobia noun irrational fear of the (spread of) the Ebola virus

Ebolaphobia Going Viral

[ 30 October 2014]

Doctors Combat ‘Ebolaphobia’ With Facts as Antidote to Fear

[ 22 October 2014]


bibliotherapist noun a therapist who uses books to facilitate better mental health

Walker is a bibliotherapist working for Kirklees Libraries and Information Services.

[ 17 December 2014]

social prescribing noun in general practice, a more holistic approach to treating a patient with multiple issues in which the doctor puts the patient
in touch with organizations/charities, etc. who will address their problems

So-called ‘social prescribing’, where patients are referred to voluntary bodies or community groups for help, is already used
in the district.

[ 14 October 2014]

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New words – 25 May 2015

May 25, 2015


ancestral health noun diet based on the presumed diet of our Palaeolithic ancestors

‘Ancestral health,’ to use a term popular among Paleo followers, has gone mass.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 21 September 2014]

Which is odd, because in many ways my husband has the instincts of a wild boar, and Ancestral Health – the lifestyle extension of the Paleo or ‘Caveman’ diet – is about going way back to a time of elk-jerky-eating, loincloth-wearing Lascaux dwellers.

[ 17 October 2014]

golden rice noun a genetically engineered form of rice with enhanced levels of vitamin A

Golden rice, as it is called, is meant to combat vitamin A deficiency, a huge problem in developing countries in Asia and Africa. Vitamin A deficiencies affect children and pregnant women who suffer everything from blindness to infections to death.

[ 07 October 2014]

hamburger tax noun a tax on unhealthy food

Poll: Do you think there should be a ‘hamburger tax’ on fatty and sugary foods?

[ 02 October 2014]

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New words – 18 May 2015

May 18, 2015


plyscraper noun a skyscraper made mainly from wood

The development of engineered timber could herald a new era of eco-friendly ‘plyscrapers’. Christchurch welcomed its first multistorey timber structure this year, there are plans for Vancouver, and the talk is China could follow

[ 03 October 2014]


FOG abbreviation fat, oil and grease as poured down the drains in domestic households. It wreaks havoc in the sewers.

Customers pre-ordering a turkey from selected stores will receive free gadgets to help collect the fat, oil and grease (FOG) from their Christmas roast.

[ 03 December 2014]

fugitive emissions plural noun a gas or other product that escapes during a process such as drilling

Cornell environmental engineering professor Anthony Ingraffea […] found newer [gas and oil] wells using fracking and horizontal drilling methods were far more likely to be responsible for fugitive emissions of methane.

[ (website dedicated to climate science) 17 October 2014]

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New words – 11 May 2015

May 11, 2015


mint adjective (informal) nice; cool

Either way, the car looks mint.

[Stuff (UK innovations magazine) Nov 2014]





bae noun (slang) a romantic partner (often used as a form of address)

I have to kill my bae because he is CHEATING ON ME.

[ 13 November 2014]

See ya, bae!

[Heard in conversation (young girl, early teens) 15 December 2014]

neg verb (informal) to insult someone in order to attract theme sexually

I watched JBU this week and nearly choked on my drink when you talked about negging guys to pick them up. Just had to share.

[ 05 November 2014]

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New words – 4 May 2015

May 4, 2015


Evel abbreviation English votes for English laws; the idea that only English (as opposed to Scottish, Welsh or Irish) MPs should be allowed to vote for laws that affect only England

Yet these are the two principal constitutional proposals that have come from the Conservative party in its kneejerk response to Ukip’s English nationalism and an ill-thought-out drive to impose what is commonly called ‘English votes for English laws’ (Evel).

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 18 October 2014]

English votes for English laws, or EVEL as it has amusingly become known (well, amusing to those of us with a penchant for jumping bikes over buses), came to dominate.

[ 14 October 2014]

democratator noun a dictator who is democratically elected and controls a country through manipulation and legal restrictions rather than through

Putin, you mentioned. The late Hugo Chavez was a certainly a leading democratator as well.

[WNYC: Leonard Lopate Show (US news and culture) 19 November 2014]

kludgeocracy noun government that is over-complex and ineffective

Sprawling scale becomes unmanageable; internal complexity culminates in kludgeocracy (to use Steven Teles’s term); our electoral processes seem to produce little real accountability; and interest-group-driven sclerosis chokes off the possibility of reform.

[ 09 November 2014]

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New words – 27 April 2015

April 27, 2015


e-juice noun the liquid content in an e-cigarette, which includes nicotine and may be flavoured in various ways

Contestants…suck on a modified vaper until they’ve filled their chest cavity with enough vaporised nicotine “e-juice” to shoot out a belch of white smoke upwards of 4ft long.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 22 April 2015]


cartomizer noun a disposable cartridge with an atomizer inside, used in e-cigarettes

Cartomizer tanks are like other ecigarette and vaping products in the way that they differ in prices.

[ 28 October 2014]

analog cigarette noun a tobacco cigarette (used to distinguish it from an e-cigarette)

Does even the smell of an analog cigarette make you want to puke nowadays?

[ 11 December 2014]

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