New words – 24 March 2014

March 24, 2014


brodog noun slang a young man who watches sports and hangs out in bars with other similarly-minded young men

SNOW! Snow? Snow. … Or if you’re a brodog, you might be currently scheming on some confrontation [snowball fight] at Dupont Circle, since that’s now tradition.

[Lunchline with Clinton Yates view.ed4.net/v/2GZNC0/FKSB2M/30D3EOW/ROJOOD/ (Washington Post blog) 10 December 2013]

dead-cat hole noun informal the space between the top of a car tire and the body of the car

US models will have larger dead-cat holes then European ones. Cat lovers can gripe to the EPA.

[Car & Driver (US automotive magazine) Oct. 2013]

dog shaming noun the practice of taking a picture of your dog with a sign (usually around its neck) explaining its misdemeanour and then posting it on the Internet

Internet ‘dog-shaming’ craze undermines pets’ dignity, say vets who claim unfortunate canines look terrified in online photos.

[www.dailymail.co.uk 08 November 2013]

About new words


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  2. corporise the matter.

  3. POLITICAL THREAPY resolves many problems in our daily life.

  4. Royalise the matter.

  5. Word therapy rectifies many cases of our life.

  6. Blog up this matter.

  7. Citizenise,Motherise and Fatherise are new terms.

  8. Write Therapy resolves our mind problems.

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