New words – 18 November 2013

November 18, 2013

listicle noun informal an article that is based on a list of points

Thanks to our sweet Kerry for inspiring a kiss and tell listicle.

[www.northwestmommy.com 07 April 2013]

I wonder if the moment when Don’t Panic put up a spoof listicle entitled The 9 or so Types of Hipster You See in London, which takes the piss out of a Buzzfeed UK listicle entitled The 22 Types of Hipster You Encounter in London, is a moment when all of us should look in the mirror and ask whether this internet thing is working out quite as well as we’d hoped.

[http://snipelondon.com/ 24 April 2013]

nanoblock noun a very small integrated circuit

A related but simpler technology […] is based on suspending small integrated circuits called “nanoblocks” in a fluid and then flowing them over a surface where they drop into tiny holes of corresponding shapes.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 09 April 2013]

responsive (website) design noun website design which allows for optimal viewing irrespective of which device is being used to view the site

With the emergence of responsive design as an industry benchmark, flat design has made inroads on the web too.

[www.shoutdigital.com 08 May 2013]

New TfL websites focused on ‘responsive design’

[www.independent.co.uk 12 June 2013]

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  1. witch dictionaries day to day use well

  2. […] . . and “selfie” is so much better than “listicle”, which has also been added. I can make so many (more) inappropriate comments with the latter […]

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