New words – 11 April 2011

April 11, 2011

exoplanet noun a planet that is not in the solar system

Artist concept of the extremely hot exoplanet WASP-12b and the host star.
[www.physorg.com 08 Dec 2010]

graphene noun a material the width of a single atom, made of bonded carbon atoms in a honeycomb pattern

Despite the £1m prize awarded for their discovery of graphene, the researchers were trying to continue with business in Manchester as usual. [The Independent (UK broadsheet) 06 Oct 2010]

reverse innovation noun the process of developing a product first developed for poor countries so that it is suitable for consumers in rich nations

The fundamental driver for reverse innovation is the income gap that exists between emerging markets and the more developed ones. [www.ftconferences.com 30 Nov 2010]

telemedicine noun the use of telecommunications, especially the phone and Internet, to provide healthcare

Now we have telepresence and telemedicine […] [Radio 4 Today Programme] 17 Dec 2010

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  1. A note on “reverse innovation”: the Grameen Bank, the Bangladesh-based pioneer of micro-lending, also operates in the USA. An affiliated group encourages entrepreneurism in the poorer neighborhoods of New York City.

  2. New words will help non native speakers to update
    English vocabulary.

  3. Given that innovation is not exclusive to the developed world, ‘reverse innovation’ with its curren description does not make sense. This is very insulting to the ‘less developed nations’!!

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